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’80s Rock Rewind

The 2022 documentary City Without A Subway has garnered acclaim for its coverage of the local rock scene in Nashville circa 1986.

Photo of VHS tape
VHS video footage of City Without a Subway. From the collection of Steve Boyle

It’s been 37 years since the release of City Without A Subway, the landmark 1986 compilation album of the Nashville rock scene.

While the days of “alternative rock” glory and big hair-dos may seem like the distant past, that era of Nashville’s musical history has been garnering a buzz at film festivals worldwide. It’s all due to Steve Boyle’s 2022 documentary on the two local showcase concerts that bookended the release of the classic LP.

Released on YouTube in September to coincide with The Nashvillian’s look back at the making and release of the City Without A Subway album, the documentary has received select screenings at festivals in New York, Los Angeles, the UK, France, Italy, and more. So far, the film’s list of awards includes the following:

  • Best Documentary Awards (UK) – Best Short Documentary
  • Hollywood Gold Awards (Los Angeles) – Best Short Documentary
  • Florence Film Awards (Florence, Italy) – Best Short Documentary
  • IndieFest Film Awards (La Jolla, California) – Best Short Documentary Award of Merit / Special Mention
  • International Gold Awards (NYC) – Best Short Documentary Honorable Mention

We offer a very special Thank You and congratulations to Steve Boyle for his work creating this documentary. Also deserving of special recognition: Randy Fox, our managing editor, for facilitating this collaboration; Bill Lloyd, Richie Owens, Steve West, Webb Wilder, and all the other offbeat characters that made the scene so special. You know who you are…

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