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Music Video: Lonesome Joy – “Roll With The Thunder”

Our Music Video of the Week comes to us from rising roots artist Stevie Redstone via his latest project, Lonesome Joy.

“Roll With The Thunder” — the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album — was directed by Ryan Nolan, who received minimum direction from Redstone. “The only input I gave Ryan Nolan was a little background/inspiration about the song. I can’t take much credit for the video concept. I can only take credit for being a good sport and shooting the song a zillion times so he could get that stop-motion look.”

Nolan’s deftly edited the video to reflect the myriad challenges we all confront throughout the day using wardrobe changes — keeping calm no matter what’s thrown one’s way — providing a visual narrative to the song’s narrative.

“It started with a coffee hang after sending him the material,” replied Redstone when asked about the initial creative process behind the video. “We did some initial riffing, and then he went home to ideate. A few days later, he laid out some ideas, and this one spoke to me the most. I thought it was the perfect confluence of creativity, interesting/eye-catching (particularly to chop up for short-form, low-attention-span social media), speaking to the message of the song (albeit in a fun/not over-the-top sort of way), and it was also something we could accomplish on an indie budget.

Surrender to the Flow

Six-time Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb was at the helm for the recording sessions and brought along his long-time wrecking crew of Chris Powell (drums) and Brian Allen (bass) for the rhythm section. Cobb also contributed guitars while Redstone played keys and sang.

There wasn’t much time spent overthinking things. As Redstone puts it, “We didn’t discuss the songs until we were hammering out the arrangement at the studio kitchen table before going in the live room and pressing record. He aimed to capture lightning in a bottle, leaning on his instincts as a producer and the players in the room.”

Bonding with Cobb over a shared love of classic rock also helped pave the way. “For this record, we did pull some inspiration from Nilsson, solo Beatles stuff, Paul Simon, etc.,” said Redstone. “We weren’t afraid to lean into that while (I think) giving it our fresh take. It was pretty evident to me, even just from hearing the drum sounds they dialed in before I got there, that we were on the same page. After that, it was all systems go.”

It Begins with a Song

Like the rest of the project (save for Nolan’s time editing the video!), the songwriting wasn’t laborious or overthought. Having Aaron Lee Tasjan (a.k.a. ALT) in the room helps. “ALT is an artist I had respected and admired for a long time before we became friends and collaborators once I moved to Nashville,” said Redstone. “We had a few writes under our belt, and the morning we had penciled in another one, his friend Connor McLaren was visiting him. So I showed up with that riff (which was rolling around my head for a while), and then the title came to me in the shower just before I left for Aaron’s place. The three of us knocked it out. Good fun.”

We hope you find “Roll With The Thunder” music video fun, too!

MV Director: Ryan Nolan
Songwriters: Steven Adam Rothstein, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Connor McLaren
Producer: Dave Cobb
Engineer: Ethan Barrette:
Drums: Chris Powell
Bass Guitar: Brian Allen
Guitar: Dave Cobb
Piano/ Vocals: Stevie Redstone

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