The new counterculture lives in the middle.

Welcome to The Nashvillian

Welcome to The Nashvillian!

We’re so glad you’re here for our inaugural issue. Some of you are old friends, while others we’re meeting for the first time. Please allow me to introduce you to what we’re all about.

What’s in a name?

In our case, everything! Sharing stories of the folks who call themselves Nashvillians is the way we tell the story of Nashville. People who’ve made a difference, be they global music icons such as Jack White, a true ambassador for the city and our inaugural cover feature, or people of faith such as Rabbi Shana Mackler, the first guest contributor to the ecumenical column we’re calling “Matters of Faith.”

The past is present

Context makes a difference. It creates the sense of place we call “home.” How we got here is important, right? So expect regular features exploring Nashville lore. Our first go ’round is a look at City Without a Subway, the seminal 1986 compilation album featuring bands from the then-nascent alternative rock scene.

Paying it forward

Ours is a giving city. Let’s shine a light on it. “The Good That We Do Lives On: A Century of United Way in Nashville” celebrates an organization whose mission is to put contributions into action in support of those in need. 

Meeting people where they are

Each month, The Nashvillian print edition will have 25K copies strategically distributed throughout the city. Tactile, with world-class photography and engaging editorial – it’s our marquee. But we’re also fully aware that our phones have become our offices and go-to information sources. Audience engagement across our digital channels allows us to tell stories as they happen to the folks who want to see and hear them.

Join in the conversation

Stay tuned – and tuned in! We want our readers to be part of the conversation. Let’s celebrate what’s great about Nashville, just as we discuss areas in need of improvement. Civil, community-based discourse provides an understanding others and erases fear. We look forward to you being a partner on our journey.

The story of Nashville is a tapestry woven from the narrative threads of its people

Much love,

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