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Briston Maroney Celebrates “Paradise” with Two-Day Music Carnival


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Briston Maroney, riding on the success of 2021 album Sunflower and standalone singles “Paradise” and “Oregon”/”Harvard,” is curating a two-day festival of likeminded indie artists at Brooklyn Bowl this week.

Maroney shot the video for “Paradise” at Brooklyn Bowl, so it’s the perfect place for him to host a festival he’s calling, simply, Paradise. As seen in the video, the festival will include carnival games, photo booths and specialty refreshments. (Bowling lanes may be reserved separately, or as part of the VIP festival ticket, which also includes a meet-and-greet with the band.)

But the real attraction is the music, of course, and Maroney’s hand-picked lineups are stacked.

November 3 is open to all ages, and includes sets from indie psych(ish)-rockers Sunflower Bean, winningly twee Kansas City popsters The Greeting Committee, and a solo set from Nashville rocker Annie DiRusso.

November 4 is open to ages 18+, and features Indigo De Souza, an eclectic solo artist from Asheville, and the confusingly named MICHELLE, who are not a solo artist but a six-piece pop collective from New York. 

Tickets range $29-$45, and are available at

Buy/stream “Paradise” here.

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