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For almost 14 years, we’ve lovingly told Nashville’s story. More than anything, we want to keep telling it.

We chronicled a creative culture as it blossomed and bloomed with The East Nashvillian. We captured potent potential with The Madisonian.

And in 2022, after years of watching the faces and spaces that give our city its soul get lost in the rubble and sparkle of New Nashville, we felt called to open our scope. We launched The Nashvillian, an independent publication devoted to sharing the stories that give Nashville its colorful, community-driven, lovable-underdog heart — a heart that, bulldozer by bulldozer, has gotten harder to hear.

We’re determined to get that heartbeat heard. But The Nashvillian entered a post-pandemic, inflation-saddled market that made every step heavier, even in the already unwieldy world of journalism.

We need our readers, neighbors and friends to help hold up independent journalism. We need you to hold up The Nashvillian.

The Nashvillian is Joy Oladokun following her favorite songwriters to find a creative home. It’s Alan LeQuire’s big ideas, and Shirzad “Zee” Tayyar hosting informal food tours in Little Kurdistan. The Nashvillian is Kevin Gray, M.D., swapping Vandy scrubs for the Phrank N’ Steins stage with The White Animals, too.

When you know these stories, you know Nashville’s heart — its soul, its history, its culture, its future, beyond the bachelorette boom.

We believe there’s a need to capture these stories. We know there’s an audience. We’re confident that there’s a future for independent voices in Nashville. And we really need you to help grow it with us.

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